It started February 2019 when Ashley wanted to find joy and contentment while battling the “grad school-work balance” exhaustion that could also re-spark her passion for crafting. Rewind to the year of 2017 when Ashley started a prayer journal asking God for an outlet that could potentially lead to a business. When brainstorming on different crafts and interests, Ashley thought of candle making. Like many homes, candles have been something she has always taken enjoyment in- smelling, collecting, or burning after a good cleaning session.

Not necessarily a DIY Queen, but a frequent Pinterest user to make home projects, she gathered everything she needed to try her own candle. It was lit! (literally and figuratively lol). A new found joy in making something that has been around for years to bring light, aromatic properties, and a sense of cleanliness. Aside from becoming an entrepreneur, Ashley is a mental health professional with knowledge around the benefits of different therapies and has a passion to educate her community on the importance and advantages of maintaining a healthy and relaxed mental/emotional state. Ashley thought making candles with essential oils was a great idea to let her creative side mingle with her clinical side to spread love and light!

The Vision:

To educate and provide emotional and mental well-being through holistic and mindfulness techniques. 

Everyone has their own story; however it started and why it started, it’s important to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adding any type of preferred relaxation technique will go a long way!