First Time For Everything..

Hey friends! Welcome to the Candle Talk Blog. With everything that has been happening in the world externally, it's been challenging us to spend time with ourselves internally. One thing that can be a common theme for many or unique to you is finding purpose and learning to move with intention. We can let a lot of things stop us like other obligations that seem more important, distractions, or even fear. Fear and anxiety have tried to stop me from starting and keeping up with interests I have had and it can be discouraging to keep going. Finally letting God's voice ring louder in my ears than negative thinking and self-doubt, I have been able to start a legacy to help others and future generations to come. Fear can tell you not to start, your intent won't reach people, nothing will come into fruition, but you honestly won't know until you try. There is never a loss in the Ls you may take when trying to pursue your dreams and goals, only lessons to help you on the second or third try..or your first time trying something else.

This might be your first time learning about mindfulness techniques such as aromatherapy like this is my first time opening a business. But don't worry because Candle Talk not only wants to make your physical space smell good, but I also want to make your emotional and mental space feel good, too!

Come back monthly to learn new tips, recharge with encouragement, or just to check in. :)